About Our Organization

Mission Statement
Broad Spectrum Veterinary Student Association’s mission is to connect, support and empower community for LGBT+* students and allies across veterinary education.
*LGBT + will be used as an inclusive acronym for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Intersex, Queer,Questioning, Asexual and others who self-identify on the sexual orientation and/or gender expression continuums.

Vision Statement
Broad Spectrum desires greater support and a sense of community for all LGBT+ students and allies throughout veterinary medical education. We actively strive to counter episodes of bigotry and marginalization with positive messages of diversity and inclusion. We have healthy, supportive and encouraging relationships with pre-veterinary, veterinary and graduate students, faculty, staff and administrators. We are known for advocating for the respect and equality of seen and unseen LGBT+ members in the academic veterinary community and beyond. We contribute to the development of safe and welcoming veterinary school environments for pre- and current veterinary students. Broad Spectrum makes veterinary schools more inclusive for all students, especially LGBT+ students. We accomplish this by starting important and courageous conversations about LGBT+ inclusion, in addition to maintaining much needed support for LGBT+ students in veterinary medicine.

Our History

We were founded in 2011 at the SAVMA Symposium hosted by UC Davis. The name 'Broad Spectrum' came out of a calculated attempt to be as inclusive as possible to any student who falls anywhere on the spectra of sexuality, sex, or gender. We welcome all students no matter their sexuality, gender identity, or gender expression. And yes, allies, this means we welcome you, too!

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Sunday, January 25, 2015

SAVMA Symposium 2015 Minnesota!

Hi all, 

BSVSA would like to invite to join us at SAVMA Symposium 2015 for our annual meeting on Friday 3/19/15 and then stick around enjoy some cocktails at the Zoetis Diversity Extravaganza Social Event co-hosted by VOICE and BSVSA on Friday night! We also have planned a great diversity forum on Sat 3/20/15 from 12 to 5:30!

More details to come but we would like to have a representative of each of the student clubs attend the annual meeting.

As soon as we get more information, we will sent out another email but please mark your calendars and we will see you at SAVMA.


An update from Broad Spectrum

       Broad Spectrum Veterinary Student Association is entering its third year as the umbrella entity for the nation’s LGBTQ student organization. First off, I would like to introduce myself your newest national co-chair. My name is Leo Holguin, a current third year student at WesternU. I will be joining Amanda Fischer, Cornell 2015, to help organize and lead BSVSA for this upcoming year. I am excited to join BSVSA and look forward to working with all the school chapters to make it a productive, successful and fun year!

      We have exciting plans for the upcoming year! We will see you at next year’s SAVMA symposium 2015 hosted by University of Minnesota. We are hoping to organize another student mixer where we can come together and enjoy the company of fellow students and allies. We are planning to have an information booth where students can ask questions and hopefully receive answer ;p We are also planning to attend the Iverson Bell Symposium 2015 where we can advocate for LGTBQ students and learn how to better meet student needs. We hope to see you there! And finally we will be invading Boston for the 2015 AVMA convention, where we will team up with the LGVMA to plan exciting events and give them support.

This past AVMA convention hosted by Denver, I was able to participate and support the efforts of our parent organization, LGVMA. I was able to meet the amazing leadership of the LGVMA Dr. Sandy Hazanow and Dr. Ken Gorczyca. I had a wonderful time helping man the LGVMA booth where I was able to talk to interested members of the veterinary community and share my experience as a gay veterinary student. I also tagged along to the “Out” night hosted by the LGVMA where we ate some delicious food at Hamburger Mary’s then danced the night away! It was so much fun and I got to meet amazing colleagues and new friends. I can’t wait for next year’s AVMA convention and the shenanigans Boston will bring!
If you are pre-veterinary/ veterinary technician/ veterinary or intern/ resident and would like more information about Broad Spectrum Veterinary Association? 

Visit our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/BroadSpectrumVSA
Became a member of BSVSA here: http://goo.gl/forms/scimULmjM6

Leo Holguin
BSVSA Co-Chair 

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Tell Veterinarian to Remove Anti-Gay Sign


It is sad to have to report that during a time of caring, love and family, we have recently heard of a member of our profession who is using his professional status to belittle the LGBTQ community. By posting divisive and inflammatory comments on his veterinary hospital sign, Dr. Joseph (Jody) Kincaid is spreading hate in his community. Unfortunately, this demonstrates how deep the enmity for the LGBTQ community is in some people's hearts. Although legal, his behavior seems professionally unethical because Dr. Kincaid uses his position as a practice owner to spread hate.


The Board of the LGVMA is working on if and how to respond to this issue and we are in active discussions with the AVMA leadership and several other regional and national level organizations about this topic -- and we are getting a lot of support!   It is very interesting to read the comments of the 12,000+ supporters of the petition. The petition is to urge Dr. Kincaid to focus on helping animals at his practice instead of promoting inflammatory political views.  

We want to respond with inclusion and tolerance.  We can’t change people’s beliefs and we all have the first amendment. However, public homophobia should not be tolerated in a professional environment- such as a veterinary clinic. Please, consider supporting the petition in any way you can- forward it to like-minded friends and colleagues or perhaps you’ll write a letter to the editor. Anything you can do to show you care will help.  We appreciate each of you and will keep you posted. Please feel free to contact us with any questions or suggestions.

Want to see some of the news stories that covered the signs?
Here they are:




LGVMA Leadership Award 2014

Broad Spectrum is happy to announce that we have received one of the LGVMA Leadership Awards for 2014.

The other winners include:

We'll keep everyone included on updates as we get closer to SAVMA Symposium!!

LGVMA Annual Meeting

LGVMA 2014 Annual Meeting and Events
Denver, Co at the AVMA Convention
July 25 -28, 2015

Friday, July 25th
in Hyatt Regency Denver Convention Center Mineral Hall F, Level 3
Board Meeting 3-5 PM
Annual Meeting 5-6 PM
Networking Dinner at the Corner Office Denver restaurant (1401 Curtis St.)

Saturday, July 26th
LGVMA Info Booth (Saturday- Monday) –sponsored by Hill’s Pet Nutrition**
Night on the Town                                          7PM
Dinner at Hamburger Mary’s (700 E 17th Ave)7PM*
Night exploring Gay Denver                            9 PM*

Sunday, July 27th
in Hyatt Regency Denver Convention Center, Capitol 1, Level 4
Current Update of LGBTQ Rights and Strategy
Jeremy Pittman, Human Rights Campaign Fund
Networking Reception                                    7-9 PM

*RSVP to tstevens@morrisanimalfoundation.org for dinners and Night Out or more info
** RSVP to Kim McKee at kimcheszak@yahoo.com to volunteer to help staff the LGVMA booth and to represent LGVMA on Saturday, Sunday or Monday at the exhibit hall.
Contact us at info@lgvma.org for any questions.